Board meeting Thurs Jun 10

There is a Chatham Village board meeting this Thursday,  Jun 10. Please notice that there is a public hearing for Charter Communications for cable in the Village at 7 PM. I don’t know how this affects us, or what it means, so I will attend. According to Lael, they are the only TV cable provider in town, and their contract is up for approval. The invoicing remains between the subscriber and the provider, of which the Village is neither.

The hearing is followed by the regular Village Board meeting at 7:30, which will include Department reports from Kevin (police), and other Village issues. The meeting agenda will probably be issued Thursday afternoon, per Carol.

I looked in the online Courier, and the online Columbia, but don’t see any public announcements. For board announcements, you must buy the hard copy of the Courier, that Village’s paper of choice. For short notice items that require public announcement, the Register Star is the paper you need to get.

Regards, Tom


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3 Responses to Board meeting Thurs Jun 10

  1. Wayne Coe says:

    Thank you, Tom. I’ll try to attend.

    Wayne Coe

  2. Michael Richardson says:

    I will not be able to attend the Village Board meeting on June 10th (I am consulting with three towns in Broome County that evening). Joanne DelRossi will be at the meeting. It is my understanding that the Village Board is to consider my proposal to provide consulting on employee and labor matters (for $1 per year).

  3. Brin Quell says:

    Thanks for your work, Tom. And to Michael and others for beginning to
    gather “information.” As I said earlier, I will plan to attend some of the Village
    Board meetings on the nights that I am not working; this Thursday is not a fit.
    The next meeting will be, however.

    On other issues, I think it would be helpful if on this website we could begin to
    gather other concerns of all of us– to get a sense of how to focus our energies
    and keep us all involved. For example, more tree planting? Clean-up of sidewalks
    on route 66? Etc.

    Also, right now I am dealing with Planning Board issues and none of us is actually clear on our terms! That happens a lot in the village. The records are vague. The processes unclear. The building inspector kind of has his own private operation
    and doesn’t talk to any of us!

    Ciao all.

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